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Safety while texting online

Posted under Dating by Walter on August 8, 2018 5:51 am ||

The online date has now been more of a blind date. You get online to meet new people and instantly get a liking for them. It is really easy to get a date online. Just a few texts exchanged and there they are committed to easy other. Online dating has been a source to a lot of people what fears to socialize. So they look into these sites to find their partners. But the question here is is it safe to meet new people like that or to frame the sentence better, what are the safety measures to consider because going on a date. Many dating apps free has played an important role in it.

Inform someone

Some people are very private to share their personal life. It’s a wrong thing if you are into online dating. Inform at least one person about who you are dating and who are you meeting. If you both have planned to meet for the first time let one of you known what you are up to. Discuss that person with them. When you meet keep sending your locations. In case, you know. It always is safe to be cautious. He/she is still a stranger. A person online and in person could be completely different. One can fake oneself online but in person, it’s hard to do that. Ti may seem to you that it’s a hell lot of worries to handle until you face some problem.

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Be near a crowd

Recommend your partner a crowded place. The more the people around the safer you would be. Never meet with a new person in his or your home. Either any hotels or places that is silent. Choose a place near a crowd if not in a crowd. Go for lunch or dinner, keep the first meeting short. No matter how long you’ve been texting them you don’t know what they really are.

Control the drinks

Your partner may want to have the first date in a bar or pub. The light might attract them. Make sure even if you agree to go there you don’t take drinks except by yourself or from the hands of the waiter. You should more be aware of not getting into the drinks so deep that you get high. I recommend staying sober. Most of the bad decisions come when one is drunk. This is the time when you could be deceived because you won’t be in your senses. For guys don’t take too much cash or cards.

Limit your identity

While you are online limit your identity as much you could. Don’t even share addresses, your phone number, and your whereabouts everywhere. Restrict only to texts; don’t share your private photos or information through which you could be blackmailed later.


Online dating is completely safe what makes the difference is the person on the next corner. Online dating has brought more people closer.

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